Membership – July 2018


As the ANA Grampaw Pettibone Squadron Treasurer – I am delighted to report the following $$ facts after the June Luncheon: We had: ONLY ~ 20 folks called in their seat/meal reservation/s, which translates to – a seat at a table and a hot meal w/ desert. However, we had 36 sign-in – which makes a bit of a hardship for the Lodge’s Kitchen Crew! Nearly double the Head count!

When one adds in the many guests and a speaker w/crew, the cost to ANA increases even more!  As you all likely know, we do not charge our guest speaker — which comes out of your $$ donations. The donations include those funds over the, per person, meal cost and typically start with the $2.00 or more contributed by our members.

To assist the organization in managing monthly accounting records, please submit reservations prior to attending. We can then notify the facility and have a correct headcount for meal preparation. We appreciate the members who attend our meetings and I hope each of your come away from the meetings learning something new.


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