Action Taken: Amelia Earhart: The Latest Evidence


Steve Lund with Fiesler Storch; Lost Aviator, Amelia Earhart

Steve has had an abiding interest in the fate of the courageous woman aviator since the early 1960s when evidence of her fate began to surface in the South Sea Islands through the efforts of author-investigator Fred Goerner.  A 2017 documentary on the History Channel revealing new physical and photographic evidence rekindled public interest in what has been an ongoing controversy for over seventy years.  An instant response from a Japanese blogger apparently refuting the photographic evidence resulted in withdrawal of the program and further controversy as many authors and “experts” came to the defense of “pet theories”. Armed with the latest evidence, Steve presents it all for the members to decide the answer to the controversy for themselves.

Steve Lund is a retired LTC, Master Army Aviator with 10,000 hours and 50+ years of flight experience.  His military experience includes a tour In Viet Nam as a helicopter pilot and 29 years of combined active and reserve Army service.  His combat decorations include the Soldiers Medal for valor, two Bronze Stars, and 16 Air Medals.

In the Aerospace Industry he served in various management assignments with Hughes Helicopters, McDonnell Douglas Helicopters, Sperry Defense Systems, and Honeywell Defense Systems.  He feels that his chief accomplishment in the field was the design of the cockpit display system of the AH-64D Apache “Longbow” helicopter while he served as Chief of Human Factors Engineering at McDonnell Douglas Helicopters. He went on to serve 14 years as a Counterdrug Surveillance Pilot for the California Department of Justice and an additional 4 years in the same capacity as a contractor for a local Southern California Law Enforcement Agency.

He currently flies and maintains a Fieseler Storch replica out of Cable Airport in Upland.


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