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If you happen to be over fifty years of age, you no doubt have a lot of memories of how things “used to be.”  If we listed some of those memories with each other, there would be a rather long list.  And, if we tried to describe how things are today, I know opinions would create another long list.  I recently stumbled across a poem which, for me, seemed to say a lot about our nation…today.  Think about its message, if you choose to read it.  The title is “Dreams”‘.

I will not change my path with you,

    O worshippers of gold!

My path is rough, but heaven-lit,

    And yours is smooth, but cold.

In your resplendent halls each night

    The ghost of envy strides,

While in the castle of my heart

    The living God resides.

My heart is young, though youth is gone;

    Your hearts in youth are old;

I will not change one golden dream

    For all your dreams of gold.

                  by Philip M. Raskin


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