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For several years I have been trying to get a good friend to give us a lunch program about some of his unique flying experience.  CDR Mitchell “Mike” Flint was a Navy pilot in WWII, and was a Naval Reservist at Naval Air Station Los Alamitos in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  He was Commanding Officer of my Unit at Los Al in his last duty tour, when he retired from the Navy to his business as an attorney in Hollywood.  When I called him last month I learned he had died.

The unusual flying experience I wanted him to tell us about was flying Messerschmitts in 1948 for the new nation of Israel.

His son, Michael, returned my call, and we talked about his Dad and the flying he did.  Michael told me that the story was not lost.  A book was published last year called, “Angels In The Sky”, written by Robert Gandt, that describes in good detail the efforts made by Israel to obtain planes and pilots to help fight for the new nation.  My Placentia Library did not have a copy, but they found one in Anaheim, which came two days later.  The book is an exciting read, almost day-by-day, of drama and action that saved the nation’s battle.


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