C.O. Briefing November 2018


This month we will honor the men and women sailors who have performed in an outstanding manner at NWSSB and NMC. It is always a rewarding experience for me to participate in our program. Thanks to Bill Thompson, Don Pageler and Sel Ramsay for running the programs.

I might also remind you that Bill and Don work very hard canvasing Seal Beach, Long Beach and Los Alamitos finding restaurants that might wish to participate in the program that presents the SOQ’s with gift certificates that are tangible rewards for their outstanding performance. You can do your part by mentioning your appreciation if you frequent one of those restaurants. Just say thank you from GPS and the SOQs for their gifts. Also, if you have a favorite restaurant that is near NWSSB and not participating, and if you know the owner or manager, start a conversation about the SOQ program. If the owner/manager seems the least bit interested, let Bill, Don or me know and one of us will follow-up.

Last weekend I went down to Huntington Beach to watch the Thunderbirds do their thing. They are really good…and loud. Great weather on Saturday and big crowds. That reminded me that we will have an Air Force pilot as our speaker this month. I think that Bob Ruiz who spoke last month about his experiences in WWII was Army Air Corps so Dave Wensley will carry on the history of that branch. Should be a great presentation.

We could not get a Marine representative to this month’s meeting because the Marine Corps Ball celebrations are taking place that week and weekend, leaving no time for a trip up to Garden Grove from Miramar or Pendleton. Cindy is working diligently towards getting us some active duty Marine and/or Navy Aviators as speakers in the new year. Again, if you have contacts in the active duty sector, pass on contact info to Cindy.

See you all at our next meeting and bring a friend, just like Life Member Ted Carlson did at this last meeting. Ted brought his dad, Don, who was in WWII in the Army Air Corps and regular Army. For this month, bring somebody who was in the Air Force or who served during the Cold War. They will enjoy their time with us and maybe they will join up. And, finally I just want to recognize Ted’s continued work with Wings of Gold, supplying quality images for our magazine. An example of Ted’s work is the cover photo for the Fall 2018 issue of WOG. Nice!


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