Speaker Bio: G. Pat Macha, Author and Aviation Archaeologist


Our own aviation archaeologist, Pat Macha, will describe the search for and discovery of airplane wrecks throughout Orange County, primarily, but not limited to, Navy and Marine Corps Aircraft.  Pat will discuss circumstances under which aircraft were lost and the process of finding them.

G. Pat Macha is a retired high school history and geography teacher who has explored the mountains and deserts of the western states for 55 years in search of aircraft wrecks. He has authored six books in the field of aircraft archeology, produced a video on wreck finding and hosted the History Channel program, “Broken Wings”.  He is a noted public speaker lecturing on aviation safety and archeology to a wide range of audiences. Pat has been the coordinator since 1997 in the search for missing Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) Gertrude “Tommy” Tompkins Silver. Pat is a member of the American Aviation Historical Society, San Diego Air & Space Museum, and the Western Museum of Flight. For more information concerning Pat’s work in the field of aviation accident history and archeology and Project Remembrance, see www.aircraftwrecks.com.


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