C.O. Briefing March 2020


On October 7, 2014, Major Aric “Walleye” Liberman, USMC, spoke to Gramps members and guests about the arrival of the F-35B (“Joint Strike Fighter”, the STOVL version) to MCAS Yuma. Walleye flew the first F-35B into Yuma.  Now, the times have changed and the Marine Corps is getting its carrier variant, the F-35C delivered to its operational squadrons.  Our speaker on 12 March, LtCol Cedar L. ’Shi’Thead’ Hinton, USMC, is the Commanding Officer of VMFA-314 that is the first Marine squadron at Miramar to receive the F-35C. And, I believe that Colonel Hinton flew that first aircraft into Miramar, its new home.  Shi’Thead’s presentation should be special and we hope that you and your guests will attend. Ray LeCompte and I just returned from watching a couple of practice sessions of the Blue Angels down at their winter home at NAF El Centro.  As part of the trip, we also had dinner with another 400 or so folks who came to see the 2020 Team introduced.  Much to our surprise, the USAF Thunderbirds Team was also in attendance.  We had the Opposing Solo (#6), Capt. Kyle Oliver at our dinner table.  What a surprise to have the T-Birds present and to have the time to talk to such a fine young officer. Kyle is amazing. I hope to see you at our next meeting. Bring your favorite shipmate(s)!



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