C.O. Briefing May 2020


On May 14, 2020, Chaplain Bill Thompson delivered Recognition Certificates, gift certificates/coupons and plaques to Command Senior Chief Paul Ellis, Command Master Chief, Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach (“NWSSB”) to pass along to the Sailors of the Quarter from NWSSB and Naval Munitions Command CONUS West Division (“NMC”). Obviously, there was no meeting and no getting up on stage for presentation or photo but we are pretty sure that our gifts will be appreciated much like we appreciate the great jobs that these SOQs are performing. The plaques are from USAA and are presented to each SOQ. They also received a small gift and Recognition Certificate from GPS.

The SOQs from NWS Seal Beach are:
SSOQ MA1 Michael Williams,
JSOQ MA2 Ryan Grunau,
BJOQ MA3 Calvin Morgan.

The SOQs from NMC are:
SSOQ YN1 Joanna Carbajalmediola,
JSOQ LS2 Andrew Garcia,
BJOQ MN3 Kelly Daniels

Each sailor also received gift certificates/coupons from local restaurants. Normally we receive the coupons as gifts from the restaurants as their contribution and support of the SOQ program. Each of the wonderful restaurants that have participated are listed on our website (www.gpsana.org) under the banner “Thank You to Our Sponsors.” During this time of great need by our supporters we chose to purchase coupons from our sponsors. Some of them are closed, temporarily we hope, but Dave Franzen bravely went out of the house and purchased them using donated money from our members. Then Bill met CMDCS Ellis at the gate to make the transfer, from 6 eet away, of course.

On a continuing basis, our PAO, Dave Malmad has been very successful in his search for entertaining stories that can be shared with our members and the general public through emails, our website and our Facebook page. To see all of the stories that he has shared, go to www.gpsana.org. If anyone who is reading Wings of Gold wishes to send a story, Dave will consider publishing it so long as it meets our editorial standards. Contact him at dmalmad613@gmail.com to submit your story. Thanks again to Dave for providing this great service to our members.


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