Stories From Our Members, 14th Edition


The Grampaw Pettibone Squadron presents the 14th edition of our story hour for your consideration.

We hope all are well, even as the news reports increased virus cases. Some of these cases may be a result of increased testing and confirmation of earlier exposure. Others a result of groups gathering without taking appropriate measures to protect themselves from exposure.  Either way, we all need to stay safe and observe recommended methods of protection.

In the meantime, we still can use those stories and continue to post them for all to read.

This week’s contribution I hope all readers find it both informative as well as entertaining.

Pigeons to Rota by Marc Liebman

There are also a few new Special Bulletins on our Website. Check them out by clicking here.

We hope you are all healthy or fully recovered if you had been exposed.

We encourage you to reach out and share with the group your own experiences.  Click here:  LEARN HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY TODAY!


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