C.O. Briefing July 2020


Not much has changed since I last sent out a message.  We are still in the middle of this pandemic and us older folks are staying at home.  I talked to the manager at the Garden Grove Elk’s Lodge (Howard) and he does not know when he will be able to invite us to dine at his fine establishment.  I am also at a loss as to when we might be able to host an active duty military speaker or the SOQs from NWSSB.  Your staff is still busy though.

Dave Malmad is working diligently obtaining and publishing stories from our members and friends of GPS.  I do hope that you are enjoying the stories.  If you have a story in you, write it down and send it to Dave at dmalmad613@gmail.com.  I am thinking of adding book reviews if this thing runs much longer so start thinking about that as your busy work. I am sure that our members would like to know what to read in their spare time.

Bill Thompson has contacted NWSSB about the next SOQ program. The Base has selected their SOQs so we should have their names shortly.  Dave Franzen will be reaching out to local restaurants to obtain gift certificates to give to the honorees. As we did last month, GPS will pay for the gift coupons to help out those businesses that remain open.

I talked to the leaders at the Naval Helicopter Association and they have been great about getting information to us about almost everything that is happening in Naval Aviation.  Great guys. Thanks Mike and Jim. I got called back in to finish the tax season so I lost much of my spare time to contact other organizations but I have not forgotten. After July 15th I will follow up with a number of organizations whose members might enjoy attending our luncheons.  We need more attendees so we continue to attract great speakers.  It really helps Cindy Macha, our Ops Officer, when she can say that we regularly have 50 or more in attendance.

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