Sailor of the Quarter – July 2014


Gramps adds two new commands to Gramps’ SOQ program. Both commands are NWSSB based.

Coastal Riverine Squadron 11 (CORIVRON 11) is comprised of both the Active and Reserve Components trained to operate in ambiguous anti-terrorism and force protection threat environments. These units employ both non-lethal and lethal escalation of force measures in order to provide a layer of force protection. These Sailors may also be task-organized to provide tailored force packages to meet unique operational requirements and contingencies such as force protection, protection of vital waterways, and establishment of local military superiority in areas of naval operations and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief.

Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Los Angeles, (formerly Naval Reserve Center), is staffed by FTS (Full Time Support) personnel, where the SELRES (Selective Reservist) Sailors come to do their weekend drills. NOSC LA is intended mostly to handle administrative functions and classroom style training. Also, they are tasked to provide personnel, both FTS staff and SELRES, for participation in Funeral Honors Details.

Gramps continues to support TheNaval Munitions Command Unit Seal Beach and Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach. NMC Unit Seal Beach’s mission is sustaining stock points; provide quality and responsive logistics, technical, and material support in the areas of retail ammunition management and ordnance system components; and provide technical support of ordnance and ordnance-related equipment and processes. We enable our Detachments to support the Fleet. Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach and its detachments provide shore-based infrastructure support to the Navy’s ordnance mission and other fleet and fleet support activities.


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