An American Creed

Bill Thompson - Chaplin

Bill Thompson – Chaplin

We remember Wendell Willkie as the one who lost the presidency to President Roosevelt in 1940. But Willkie’s “An American’s Creed” is worth noting for the Fourth of July:

“I believe in America because in it we are free—free to choose our government, to speak our minds, to observe our different religions;

Because we are generous with our freedom—we share our rights with those who disagree with us;

Because we hate no people and covet no people’s land;

Because we are blessed with a natural and varied abundance;

Because we set no limit to a man’s achievement: in mine, factory, field, or service in business or the arts, an able man, regardless of class or creed, can realize his ambition;

Because we have great dreams—and because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true.” —Wendell Willkie.


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