Medication Safety


Seniors need to take extra care with both prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. As we get older, we begin to take multiple medications. This can increase our risk for potentially dangerous drug interactions. Also, keeping track of multiple medications and taking them exactly as prescribed can be a challenge. We have become reliant on modern medicines to help us attain a longer and higher- quality life. Our goal should be for each of us to access that benefit, but respect the fact that medications are serious business; to get the most out of them, you must take them with great care and according to directions. If you have kidney trouble, this cold affect how some medications are broken down or excreted. Many chronic conditions appear in later life. To ensure safety when taking medication, it is important to follow your Doctor’s orders; do not stop taking your meds without consulting your doctor. Medication can’t work unless you take it! Especially medications that treat chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes work best when taken regularly as directed. It is also important to take the correct dose; do not skip doses, or double up! Doctor Bob


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