ANA T-Shirts for Sale


tshirtANA Headquarters had a supply of tee shirts at Tailhook this year. The photo is of your C.O. modeling a sample. I had not seen them before and I asked Mike Field whether I could get some and sell them to members of Grampaw Pettibone Squadron upon my return. Well, he made me a deal I could not refuse. I purchased 29 of them at $10 each so he did not have to carry them back to VA. At this point I had to make a decision whether to sell them for what I paid for them, or mark them up to create a “profit” for GPS and help fund our SOQ Awards Program. Before I could reach a well-reasoned decision I had folks offering to purchase them. I had to make an on-thespot decision, so I opted to sell them for $15 each. We have sold a few of the shirts but I did not have XL size available. At the next meeting, on 11 December, I will have about 14 tee shirts of size XL plus a few MED and LG. I’ll lay them out and leave a collection plate for you to leave your money. Make checks payable to “Grampaw Pettibone Squadron”. If you want to pay $20 or more for a shirt, that’s OK too. Thanks for your support for the SOQ Awards Program.


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