Vision Problems


Common vision problems among older adults include nearsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic eye disease, presbyopia( age-related changes in the eye that make it hard to see close-up), and macular degeneration (damage to the center of the eye that can result in a loss of central vision) Visual problems can led to falls, so make sure that you get a yearly thorough eye exam. Vision problems can be treated, and the earlier treatment begins, the better.   Hearing Problems: Hearing loss is the most common sensory problem among older adults. Ask for a hearing test once a year, and tell your Doctor if you’re having trouble hearing. Treatment can improve your hearing and quality of life.   Dizziness: The word “dizziness” can be described feelings of spinning, almost fainting, falling, or light-headedness. These feelings can make it harder to walk and can increase your risk of falls. Many things can cause dizziness, including low blood pressure, vision problems, inner ear problems, anxiety, and medication side effects .If you often feel dizzy, tell your Doctor. There are many treatments for dizziness , depending on the cause. Bob Helton


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