Major Aric C. "Walleye" Liberman

Major Aric C. “Walleye” Liberman

Vince van den Brink, your Trips Officer, and Tim Brown drove to Yuma, AZ on 17 September to make a test run on a possible visit to MCAS in the future to get a tour of the Squadron s p a c e s o f VMFA-121 (The Green Knights). It was a long drive in 1 0 0 d e g r e e temperatures over a barren landscape but we want to report that the overnight t r i p was v e ry worthwhile. Vince and I had d inner with our host, Major Aric C. “Walleye” Liberman, now the Ops Officer for MAG-13. Walleye, a F-35B pilot, was our speaker in October of last year and he has moved on to the MAG. He is getting ready to retire from the Corps. Noting the fact that our contact was getting short, Aric and Vince made the command decision to arrange and prosecute an ‘informal” tour. If there is enough interest Vince will arrange a “formal” tour with a large number of members and guests. It will be up to you as members to determine whether we, as a group, make an overnight visit to get a close look at the F-35B. From our perspective, the trip was well worth the effort. Walleye gave us an awesome up-close view of this great new aircraft. Thanks Walleye!


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