A Soldier’s Prayer

Bill Thompson - Chaplin

Bill Thompson – Chaplin

Whenever the Christmas Season is near, most of us begin to think about how we can spend time with family. Memories of past Christmases may be rekindled as we see the decorations and the live Christmas trees for sale in various areas of town. Let us pause to reflect that those in uniform may not be home for Christmas. A poem by Joanna Fuchs is a reminder for us:

A Soldier’s Prayer

Lord, wrap Your arms around me

In this hostile, brutal place;

Let me draw peace and comfort

From Your restful, sweet embrace.

Help me do my duty

To uphold what is right;

Give me strength and courage

Each day and every night.

Lord, hear this soldier’s prayer

To You in heaven above;

Protect me with Your power,

And sustain me with Your love. AMEN


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