C.O. Briefing – December 2015

Tim Brown, Commanding Officer

Tim Brown, Commanding Officer

As we approach the end of another year, I want to thank you all for attending our luncheons and donating money to the cause. Without your support we could not carry on with the awards program for the Sailors of the Quarter. Remember, your annual membership dues go to the Association of Naval Aviation and Gramps gets nothing in the way of money from ANA. We do however, enjoy the name recognition of being associated with ANA and all members receive an awesome magazine, Wings of Gold. That being said, we will accept your extra donations to Gramps at anytime! We also are looking for volunteers to take over staff positions for those of us who have served for so many years…Hal for more than 25 years!

Thank You to the GPS staff members who continue to serve the needs of the group. Thanks to Fran and Paula, Dolores, Dick and Carol, Vince, Ray, Doc Helton, Hal and Anna, Chaplain Bill, Cindy Macha and, ever active, Sel Ramsay. Also I want to say “Thanks” to those friends who are not staff members but who consistently serve GPS in their own ways:

Andy Benjock, Ed Mason, Lorraine Dadamo, and Bob Cashman. A special thanks to Bob Olds and Marv Garrison for their sage advice, guidance and volunteerism to go along with their always positive “can do” attitude! It has been an interesting year and I appreciate your efforts on behalf of Gramps.

I am looking forward to another great year as your “leader”, although I feel that I am really just “herding cats” at times. Our conversations may be short but I appreciate all of your input and suggestions. Please keep them coming and, if possible, we try to put those ideas into action. Also, send money donations to Hal McDonnel or give your check to Dolores when you pay for lunch. All of the best to you and your families in the coming years.


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