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The Book “Keeping Faith” is the story of the correspondence and relationship between a father and a son who was completing boot camp for new Marines.  At one point the son writes, “The longest amount of time that a recruit ever gets to himself or herself is the three or four hours on Sunday morning, when he or she can organize personal effects and go to church.”  And in the next paragraph he writes, “The thought of returning to the aimless civilian world was almost as frightening to me as the idea of being injured and remaining indefinitely in MRP.  I knew that I was reaching the end of training, but the fact that I was almost at the goal of achieving the title of Marine was not sinking in.  The prospect of using the first person to address a Marine or anyone else seemed unnatural; the very thought of it was repulsive.  To think that soon I could refer to myself in the first person in front of a DI, without being punished, or that I would hear people address me by my name rather than as “recruit” hardly seemed possible.”

Why not celebrate this Veterans Day by writing to a recruit, and thank him for his decision to become part of the United States military…and assure him of your prayerful support of him in his new chosen career?



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