Memorial Day

Bill Thompson - Chaplin

Bill Thompson – Chaplin

Here is a brief story of Jessica Brant who describes in her words how she used to celebrate Memorial Day and how the meaning of the day was experienced by her.

“When I was child Memorial day was a very solemn holiday for me. My grandmother served as a nurse in second WW and also she was a proud Blue Star Mother during Second World War as all her sons served the nation during second World War.” She continues with a sigh, “Every May we wore small paper poppies in our lapels. These Buddy Poppies are still made even today and given away during the decoration day. The donation raised from selling these buddy poppies are sent to disabled veterans or the veterans fallen during the war. These buddy poppies represent the honor to veterans who fought and sacrificed their lives for the safety of the nation”

These are a few words from an ordinary Boston citizen. She expressed her honor to fallen veterans and also explained the solemnness of the event. No doubt Memorial Day 2016, like previous memorial days, isn’t a day to celebrate or to express happiness. It is a solemn day to pay tribute to veterans fallen during the war and to take care of disabled veterans and their families. This is a day to promise that we will take care of families of fallen veterans with full devotion and love, like they sacrificed their life for our safety. So Memorial Day isn’t some thing to express happiness–it is a solemn day as there are millions of veterans fallen who have sacrificed their lives time by time when demanded in order to express a safe and free United States of America.

She further continues, “We used to participate to the day in some way. We used to listen to parades and listen to the bugler who played at the cemetery. We used to cringe at 21 gun salutes and used to run to gather gun shells after the decorated guards move on to the next ceremony. Finally, the reverence is complete, and we used to gather as a family to post our flag high and to share our meals and to remember those who have fallen for our safety. In fact, they indeed have fallen for the safety of entire world. These peoples were knights who saved the world from slavery”.


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