V Formation


I remember that when I was growing up in Virginia, I used to see a flock of geese frequently flying over and that they were always in a “V” formation. I thought the “V” stood for Virginia!! I was surprised to learn that they flew in a “V” formation over all the states. I was also surprised when I learned that when one of them gets sick or wounded, it never falls from formation by itself. Two other birds fall out with it, and follow the ailing bird to the ground. One of them is usually the mate of the wounded bird. Once on the ground, the healthy birds protect and care for the sick one; even to the point of throwing themselves between it and an predator. They stay there until the wounded bird is either able to fly again, or until it dies. We humans can learn from their behavior. At this season of the year it is not unusual for us to notice someone who is sad and grieving because of the memories of previous years when loved ones were all together at this season. But now those special people may have died and are much missed in family gatherings. Thus grief frequently accompanies the gatherings where loved ones are missed. Grief usually causes us to withdraw from every thing. Whenever we pay special attention to those who grieve because of missing loved ones, we can always provide support and care. That’s what real friends do! “Presents” may be nice, but our “presence” may be far more satisfying.


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