Christmas Memories


Some things you never forget. I remember the Christmas when I was a kid that Santa brought me a Lionel Train Set. It was a brand new world for me. I don’t remember much about the day except the joy of watching the train perform every time I pushed the throttle. What an absolute peaceful day for me. I remember the Christmas day I was in Vietnam as another absolute peaceful day. The days before were days of being shot at and ministering to the wounded. But on Christmas both sides agreed to a cease-fire day. My Marines made a life-size manger scene of camels and shepherds made of cardboard boxes. The manger scene was complete with all the familiar figures we know so well–with ammo boxes. And we sang and prayed together (completely out in the open) as if we had been back in the world–(the U. S., that is). And that was an absolute peaceful moment for us. Amazing. Unreal. An absolute joy. Yes, before the 24 hour period was up, we were being shot at again. But most of the day was peaceful. At the heart of every religion in the world I know, there is the hope of peace for the world. Share the hope of peace with those you know as you say this year, “Merry Christmas”  May the peace of God be yours…in ways that are real and satisfying to you.


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