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As I watch with dismay the awful behavior in Congress, it seems that both Democrats and Republicans must really enjoy hurling insults and accusations at each other.  It’s certainly a beautiful example of prejudice.  And Dr. Wayne Dyer, in “Your Erroneous Zones”, may be right when he says, “Rigidity is the basis of all prejudice, which means to pre-judge.  Prejudice is based less on hate or even dislike for certain people, ideas, or activities than on the fact that it’s easier and safer to stay with the known.  That is, people who are like you. Your prejudices seem to work for you.  They keep you away from people, things and ideas that are unknown and potentially troublesome.”

In reality, our prejudices indicate we really don’t trust ourselves to deal with new ideas or situations or people.  I wonder if we can recognizes our prejudices and will struggle with trying to learn as much as we can about all the candidates soon to be elected in November who can really work together for the good of all our people in this nation of ours.  Or, will we settle for just knowing that the candidate is a Republican or a Democrat as we vote? And voting is our job!

Chaplain Bill Thompson


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