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The best laid plans often need revision.   A few days ago I delivered some of the folders about the Sailors of the Quarter to Don Pageler.  This month was going to be easier for me than previous times because Don had volunteered to help with the collection of  certificates from the local restaurants.  At 9:30 am I was at Don’s house to give him his part of the folders.  The week ahead looked much easier than ever…for me.  However, at about 4:00 pm that same afternoon Don called and said that I would have to pick up the folders…because he had fallen. The medics were, at that time, on their way to his house to take him to the emergency room at Hoag Hospital.  Well, the next morning I went to see him at the hospital, and he had already had surgery on his hip.  Physical therapy was next on his schedule when he leaves the hospital. Now, we had one person to collect the certificates.  Plan A was replaced with Plan B.  We wish Don a speedy recovery. (And, by the way, if you will let me know when you happen to be in the hospital, I will visit you, too.  Remember what Don did? He called me, and thus I knew he was going to the hospital.  YOU can do that, too!)


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