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 “DON’T GET SIDETRACKED” Recently I spent a most enjoyable afternoon with Bob Olds watching his trains run around the amazing setup he has developed through the years for his model trains.  What fun for me because I have always been a train nut.  I grew up close to a major railroad which often shook the house as their heavy loads rumbled by.  Model trains always were running in my house as my kids were growing up. (I never grew up).  At Bob’s house there was a main line for his trains and so many sidetracks with all kinds of interesting things.  Like Bob’s trains, the Christmas Season is now on the main track for us. Our throttle, for most of us will be “full speed ahead.”  My prayer for all of us that when we arrive at the December 25th “Station”, we will have the satisfaction of enjoying the fullness of the message of Christmas in a very personal way.  We will, if we don’t get “sidetracked”.

There is much that may slow us down.  Even the decorations we make for Christmas.  Even the buying of presents for loved ones.  Even frantic shopping like Black Friday when bargains obsess our energy.  Even when parties become the highlight of the season.  And yes, even the difficult feelings we have when we remember that loved ones we treasure are no longer with us.  So many things that sometimes keep us on the sidetracks that we must deal with if we would enjoy the Spirit of Christmas which gives us always a new hope with which to face the future.  “Stay on track” is my prayer for you and me.



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